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Lesson #1: "What do you need to make your Webpage?"

(These are the fundemental methods that Web Designers use to make web pages.)

In This first Web-Tutorial lesson we will know what we need to make our Webpage, this is the first Lesson out of a total of THREE fundamental Lessons and this is for anybody that wants to learn how to make a Webpage even if you are only just a beginner.

Watch the Web-Tutorial video below and continue to the static list that follow for the important steps & information with links.

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What Do you need…

Step 1

1) You Need a Personal Computer (Desktop) or Laptop (Notebook)

-You need knowledge of using PC’s (Desktop Computers) or Laptop (notebooks) to continue to the next lesson#2.
-You need Microsoft's Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 installed (one of them) on your PC or Laptop or Notebook(Linux on Mac is fine).
-A laptop is recommended as it is mobile and so your website can be made virtually anywhere.
-if you want to buy a PC or Laptop, you will spend approximately & starting from a price range of $200 or up to $1000.

A few places to shop for a Computer:
Amazon (if you want to find competitive prices: check Amazon,Laptops & PC's).
eBay.com (I’ve not bought anything there, however you could find a good deal I hear).

Step 2

2) You Need an Internet connection on your PC or Laptop (even if this sounds obvious, it would become most important to have a reliable internet source the more you start making bigger Webpages).

Check your local Internet service provider and choose a package affordable for you.

Step 3

3) HTML Editor Program (Also known as a code editor, this software will be used to design your actual webpage).

I use a program called ",Notepad++" which is free, if you are not sure what HTML is then finish this lesson before continuing to the Second Web-Tutorial lesson, the next lesson is Lesson #2: "How to start designing your Actual Webpage" and the basics of HTML will be explained.

Step 4

4) Also Download & Install Google Chrome , Internet Explorer and Firefox internet browsers to test your webpage on in the final and ,Third Lesson.

Step 5

5) Email (free options available). For example: http://mail.google.com/mail/signup emails are the most important modern day messaging service out there and when you register a Website your Web host will ask you for your email address not to mention most website services.

Step 6

6) Install a Graphic's or Photo-Image editing Software (free Software Downloads available). I would suggest using a program you own and know already or Download this freeware: List of Free Photo Editing Software(keep in mind that you are never allowed to use copy protected or registered trademarks and as such you would need to own your own images to use on your Webpage.

Step 7

7) You will need to have some sort of Productivity software like Word (also free Software Downloads available). I would once again suggest using a program you own and know or Download this freeware: www.openoffice.org

Step 8

8) Download a FTP(File transfer Protocol) program (luckily free Software Downloads available). I Use FileZilla as it is free and well known: FTP FileZilla Program Download page.

Step 9

9) You would need to Download and install a file Zip Program in order to unpack folders that have been Zipped. Free Zip program .

Before moving on please familiarize yourself with this software on how to “Zip” and “Unzip” a file as this basic task is needed in Lesson #2.

Step 10

10) Credit card (highly recommended). Many Online transactions like buying something online has fast become the best source of purchasing in the comfort of your own home , you can also consider a Paypal account (highly recommended). Can get a free account at PayPal.
(Important notice : however please always double check any website’s credibility before purchasing anything online) for more online help and advice go to this Visa Webpage

With building your own Websites Startup cost will be encountered and as such it would be beneficial to have a fair amount of money on hand.

Step 11 Final Step

11) As an option get a Backup drive (Recommended) if you save your webpages(& all your free programs or Media files)on backup drives they could be used in future or in worse case scenarios if you don’t do backups you could lose all your hard work(& Software or media). You can purchase an external hard drive for approximately $80 at your local computer store. It’s not so important what external hard drive you buy but just make backups regularly as I have two backup drives to save my work on.

Note: There are more things that you would need and it will be specifically covered in the next lessons even if they are not mentioned here.

Ensure You Have all that the above steps requests you to have:

1) Check the Steps again and see if you have everything that is required.

Also please ensure that you know what a computer is and how to use the computer keyboard and computer mouse , Once again you don’t need to be a computer professional. If demand is high I will even make an entirely new Web-Tutorial for those that don’t know the basics of computer use & skills, if there is requests then click here to contact me: contact me for Basic Lessons on computer use and Skills.

Feel free to Share or post your questions and comments below.

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