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Lesson #3: "How to get your Webpage on to the Internet,to legally own it and watch it grow"

(these are the fundamental methods that Web Designers use for webpages online.)

This is the Third and Final Web-Tutorial lesson where we find out how to transfer your completed webpage in Lesson #2 on to the internet, this is the Third Lesson out of a total of THREE fundamental Lessons . As a reminder these lessons is for anybody that wants to learn the fundamentals of how to make a Webpage even if you are a beginner.

Watch the Third Web-Tutorial video below on how to add your completed webpage on to the internet and continue to the static list that follow for the important steps & information with links.

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Now you will Learn how to Add your Webpage on to the World Wide Internet.

Step 1

1) You need to Install your FTP (file Transfer protocol) program as mentioned back in Lesson #1 in step 8

-Remember in Lesson #2 in step 1 you saved your webpage with your HTML Editor software as index.html (dot html at the end) this file with the images folder will be transferred on to the internet.

-You are probably wondering what a FTP program is. Well FTP means File Transfer Protocol and what it does is transfer your webpage files on to your Website Host on the internet. You can find out more about FTP and what it is and how it works on this link What is FTP.

-You might have guessed it, but you will need to get a Website host and Domain name ,below is links to some of the Major well known Web host’s for your website with Domain name activation (please be aware that you would need to pay for web site hosting and this is where your Credit card will be necessary as mentioned in Lesson #1 at step 9) .

Please Be Mindful: That the only way you will own your very own Web page on the internet, and choose your own .COM (dot com) Domain on the internet is using a paid Web Host & Domain service. Note that these lessons teach you all there is to know about having your own webpage (your own space that belongs to you) on the World Wide Internet.

The Major Well Known & Trusted Web Hosting Companies are:
(Note: This list is not in any particular order)
2) Host Gator
3) GoDaddy Hosting

I personally use hosting24 as they (hosting24)have various free add-on software included like one-click blog installation (Wordpress included) even easy shopping cart installation to Video pages like Youtube or social networks technology installation (Joomla is included also Forum technology is included too) all of this can be comfortably installed on your own webpage literally not taking longer than 10-minutes, I personally chose it because I could pay for 1 month only and see if it was ok for me, however they no longer do per month transactions as of 2013.

Now make sure you activate your Web Domain through your Web host. While registering your Web Host you would also need to choose a Web domain name with your web host service. Go to the next STEP Number 2 (below) for good advice for your Web domain name.

For this First step you need to choose a Web Site Host (see Step 2 for Domain naming) and activate their paid service:

*All the web Host links i gave above include Web Domain activation and allows you to choose a web domain name when you register your web host service. (See STEP 2 below for help to choose a web domain name for your website),
* Also Make sure to save your Web Host service passwords in a safe place as you will require 3 (Three) passwords , one password is used to enter your Web Host, the second password is used to open your Cpanel(Control Panel) within your Web Host and your third password is used to enter your web folder on the web host to transfer your Webpage (your third password will be chosen by you once you setup your FTP with your Web Host, then your FTP program will use this password to grant access to transferring your Webpage on to the internet).

Step 2

Domain naming

2) Now You have to choose your own web domain name to activate it through your Web host.

What is a Web Domain? It is the Web address of your Website that you would type into your web browser for example :www.google.com

Kindly recognize that your Domain name does not have to match your Web page Title (mentioned in Lesson #2 in Step 2) .

Important points to look at when Choosing a Domain name:

1) Your domain name should be a short introduction to your website. (It should have a name that can be remembered easily by visitors)
2) You would need to choose a Domain Extension after your domain name like .net , .org or any country extension but it is highly recommended to choose a .COM extension after your domain name.
3) You can also choose Creative domains names that are “fictional” words (ie. Zoosk.com, Zazzle.com, Yahoo.com etc.). Don’t use numbers in your website unless you really need to.
4) Your domain can sound better with an adjective(like: “Ultra” or” Super”) but the important part is it should briefly introduce what your website is about.
5) If you were wondering if you could add a Hyphen (-) to your domain. It’s possible but not recommended.
6) Watch-out for misspellings & mistakes, as they surely make your Web Domain look unprofessional.
7) Try not to make your Domain name too long in the address bar. Try to use 3 words maximum for your domain.
8) When the Domain name you want is not available to register you can change the name a little or think about a better one.
9) You can register your domain with someone OTHER than your web host. (However it would complicate this process and this would be your choice , just make sure your Domain host let you easily change your Domain DNS by yourself)

(see video for example of Web Hosting & Domain registration)

For This second step choose your Domain name and register it with your Web host

Step 3

FTP program FileZila

3) You will now need to setup your FTP program,in this case we will use the free program known as Filezilla to transfer your completed Webpage as done in Lesson #2 your completed Webpage as done in Lesson #2 on to the internet.

Your Web Host will provide a downloadable file for your FTP program and your host will ask you to choose a password for your FTP program (FileZilla), check this with your specific Web host.

This file is imported in to your FileZilla (FTP) program for you to be able to transfer your Webpage from your Computer on to the internet.

This is how you import the FTP file with your FileZilla(FTP) program.

1. Open FileZilla(FTP) program.
2. Click on File tab on top left of the FileZilla(FTP) program, then Click on Import.
3. Select The FTP file you downloaded from your Web Host and Import it.

Now we need FileZilla(FTP) program to connect to your Webhost to upload your Webpage, This is how you do it:

1. While in FileZilla(FTP) program press the file tab on the FTP software (top left again).
2. Then Click on SITE MANAGER and where you see your domain name or Host name press connect and now fileZilla will prompt you to enter your password (You chose it from your Web Host).
3. Finally After entering your correct password your FileZilla(FTP) program will start connecting to your Webhost and enable you to upload your Webpage.

For This Third step download and install your Web Host FTP instruction and import it to your Filezilla program and then connect (see Video above).

Step 4

4) You will now be ready to transfer your Completed webpage with FileZilla(FTP) program on to the Internet.

Now open your FTP (FileZilla) program and go to your computer folder where your Web folder is and select your Webpage as it was saved as index.html in Lesson #2 at step 1.

When you have selected your index.html you will need to right click your PC mouse and press upload , you will also need to transfer your whole images folder known as images also covered in Lesson #2 at step 3. Select and upload both the index.html file and the images folder (with the picture file already inside),upload and transfer them to your Web Host on the internet (see video).

You need to make sure you upload your web page index.html with your FTP program (FileZilla) with the location provided by your Web host as mentioned in STEP 3.(normaly it is your public_html host folder)

For This fourth step upload your Webpage with FileZilla( FTP) program to your Web host and Domain .

Finally, you have now officially transferred your completed Webpage with images folder on to the internet and you can now check and test your Website out on the World Wide Web.

Step 5: The Final and Last Step

5) Now you need type in your Web domain address in the URL bar in all three browsers you installed back in the beginning of Lesson #1 and See if your webpage is functioning well and looks good as it should (your page should look constant and exactly the same in all three browsers) see if all the browsers show your webpage exactly the same.

Download Google Chrome , Firefox and Internet Explorer, If all three these Browsers show your Webpage in similarity on the Internet and you see that your Web page works correctly, then Congratulation on making your very own WORLD WIDE WEBPAGE.

If you don’t see your webpage, ensure You Have followed all the lessons and Steps necessary to transfer your webpage to the internet and re-check & see all the previous steps and lessons for guidance:

Congratulations you have now learned how to make your Webpage and add it on the World Wide Web

Feel free to Share or post your questions and comments below.

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