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..."In this current space time continuum (current location), I admit that my time is slowly coming to an end (now) ...only light years can stop where I am going next (move)!"...

by Divan Erasmus

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Our Female & Male Recruits, Fellowships and Comradeship

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Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes?

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Photo of Male Recruit

Our Female Candidates are:

For Our Female Recruits, Fellowships and Comradeship, We seek these qualities and values: You our female population and individual, do you want to be regarded, remebered and respected as we involve you in reaching your goals? Are you a strong, confident, independent minded, free spirit, creative an are u able to give constructive feedback and ideas of improving your surroundings to the best of your abilities?

You Our Female Recruits are Important

Our Mmale Candidates are:

From our Male Recruits, Fellowships and Comradeship, these are the recruites we are looking for in our male population and male groups. Can we consider you as a solid minded male that is ready to get the respect you deserve? Are you Strong, independent, self-assured and self-confident in your own abilities? Can you take charge of any challenge or situationand make the best of it?

You Our Male Recruits have a purpose

The benefits of being a Recruit is:

Being a connected and united Galaxy formation of gaining instant online skills and even making income world wide ,with your choice of participating in any or all service's.

We will make it possible for you to earn while using Social pages, even earn when you give observations and commentary pieces in the designated areas.

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My own quotes and paragraph passages, verses and poetry


"Why can you understand as you get the things you want? But the thing is you dont get ...you dont understand!"

by Divan Erasmus


"Moved from my overseas occupation to an entrant destination...new country combined with a new fictitiousness. Boomeranging my behaviour, like the nature that I forget I am...this is my disregard for my nagging weakness...we all know it, its in the course of our breeze. "

by Divan Erasmus

Paragraph passage:

I would be lying if I said I was not in Strenuous struggle when choosing my true melody our hidden rhythm ...when communicating to the veracity within me (every you) I have understood that saying farewell is always the master plan in any Journey? Its not me to disappoint you again, it has become our purpose!

Don not blow what little life span we have left on interrogation...the shape is not its true form!

Once again this is completely irrelevant, but this is... the shape is not its true form!

by Divan Erasmus


You are shed from earths spit of sweaty salt water, shaping the form of the shells you now occupy, Having all capacity to destroy that which you did not create, ever continually building your own acclivity to realize nothing what you come from but what you are communicated to trust.

Communication is human-made* so it will have no complex phenomenon with our genetic nature, as we stand forever divided by our creations even in continuum we realize nothing.

by Divan Erasmus

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